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Toledo, Ohio

rock, blues, jazz, funk, r&b, pop, rockabilly and more

That is The Pinup Project featuring vocalist Morgen Stiegler.





About The Pinup Project

Edgy, high-energy, and to the point, Morgen Stiegler and The Pinup Project master Retro Rock that draws from blues, jazz, pop, funk, and r&b, and wrapping that package "in a rockabilly bow.”

Inspired by the iconic culture of the 1950s when - like the cars - music was made to last, The Pinup Project combines original tracks and generation-defining music from the last 70 years and a multitude of genres to take listeners on an unforgettable musical journey.

Seamlessly welding rock and jazz, Hollywood and the midwest, vintage allure and modern showmanship, The Pinup Project invites you to step away from the ordinary and onto the dance floor. 

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